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Horror masks, Halloween Props and The Dead, oh MY!

Here at Dead Head Incorpserated we are striving to bring you the very best in highly detailed, horror movie related products. Whether it be a silicone or latex mask, an artfully displayed resin bust or foam filled latex display prop, a little something to hang from your rear-view mirror or you are ready to add that next piece to your armament of Halloween decorations or to your horror collection, our goal is to offer you the highest quality products at a reasonable price.


So far all of our customers have walked away 100% satisfied and we will continue to uphold this business standard with eveything we offer. Although we have only been at this for a short time, word is getting out and we have even caught the attention of famous horror icons like Robert Englund - Freddy Krueger, himself!


Our company may be new but we are growing fast!


More products are on the way and will be available for sale soon so be sure to check back often.



In the meantime, put another log on the fire, lock your windows and bolt your doors, pull up a chair and enjoy the sites here at DEAD HEAD INCORPSERATED  "Where The Dead Come To Life!"